Safari Destinations

Africa has the best safari destinations in the World

In this page we have created a map where you can learn more about the destinations with whom we work. You can explore the map or choose from the list next to it. Inside each destination, you will be able to explore some of the accommodations we recommend for each location. Do understand that these are our main recommendations done in order to simplify the process for you but, as local tour operators, we can work with any hotel you may prefer. 
Safari Expeditions has direct operations (offices, guides, vehicle fleet, etc.) in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda but we work with the other countries you see on the map/list through our partnership with key tour operators in the region. The reason why we focus more on these countries is that we believe Tanzania and Kenya have the best to offer when it comes to the actual safari experience (specially due to the sheer numbers of wildlife) and that Uganda or Rwanda can offer one of the best experiences in the world which is the incredible Gorilla Trekking. However, we would be limiting our clients if we did not offer our clients other experiences in other nearby countries: Who wouldn't want to experience the most magical waterfalls in the World (Victoria Falls in Zambia), some of the most unique landscapes in Africa (sossusvlei in Namibia), one of the most famous game reserves in the continent (Kruger National Park) or some of the most fascinating tribes in the World (in Omo Valley, Ethiopia). And it is because of that that we have, over the past decade, partnered up with key operators in the region to make sure we are able to offer our services in these locations and guarantee the same level of excellence found in our signature safaris in Kenya and Tanzania. In fact, in most of these countries, we have our own staff in the ground operating in a seamlessly hybrid operation with our partners to ensure that the guides, vehicles, logistics, etc. all work together towards making the experience respect our standards.

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