Mountain Expeditions

Are you ready to climb to the "roofs" of Africa?

We may have safaris in our name but, in reality, we are all about adventure.

We may have safaris in our name but, in reality, we are all about adventure. We have more than a decade of experience in climbing the two most famous and tallest mountains of Africa: Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro. Like with our safaris, all our mountain expeditions are private and handcrafted for each particular client. Safety is our main concern and booking with us represents getting access to the best in industry safety equipment (from hyperbaric oxygen chambers and gamow bags to the highest quality tents and sleeping bags) and the understanding that we will make sure your safety and your comfort is our main concern. Having the best equipment is not enough: In such a challenging expedition, the guides and porters play a vital role in making each expedition successful. Our success rate close to 99% in both mountains is the living proof that we have the best team working with us and our secret is to keep them motivated by high salaries, great work conditions and a comradeship that is very difficult to see in mountain climbing. 
We constantly revise our summiting strategies, we consult with nutritionists to ensure our clients are receiving the best meal plan for the climbs, we have access to high end meteorological equipment to increase our weather forecasting accuracy and we always keep the ground team in touch with the guides and porters to ensure everything goes according to plan. Please do contact us today so we can start designing your itinerary with utmost attention to every detail. 

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